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Gamercamp: Toronto’s Big 2013

Inside next year’s big hits Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Super TIME Force and Guacamelee

This is a digital version of a story that appeared in the print publication of Gamercamp Magazine. Dork Shelf is Gamercamp’s official media sponsor. Gamercamp takes place in Toronto from Nov. 3-4. For more details, click here.

A single glance at the expression on Juan’s face on the cover of this magazine is enough to tell you that DrinkBox Studios’ Guacamelee is packed with attitude. Next year is shaping up to be massive for Toronto video games. Gamercamp turns the spotlight on the distinctive art styles of 2013’s big three: Guacamelee, Ubisoft Toronto’s Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Capy’s Super TIME Force.

A down-on-his-luck luchador named Juan Aguacate sets out to save the daughter of El Presidente who is kidnapped by an evil charro skeleton.


Guacamelee“We wanted to stay true to Mexico’s rich heritage by studying its vibrant folklore and culture, while, at the same time, drawing inspiration from the ‘pixel-y’ feel of 16-bit games.” – Chris Harvey, DrinkBox Studios.

Sam Fisher embarks on his latest adventure to track down terrorists to defend the Fifth Freedom.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist“Developing Splinter Cell: Blacklist means not only competing with the other amazing triple-A games coming out, but also living up to the legacy of the series.” – Pat Redding, Ubisoft Toronto.

Join an intergalactic team in this time-bending action side-scroller where members play alongside ghost versions of themselves.

Super TIME Force“The art in Super TIME Force — made entirely by brothers Mike and Vic Nguyen — is about creating a unique style within pixel art, rather than harkening back to the console days of our youth.” – Kenneth Yeung, Capy Games.

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