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Geek Nerd Dork Episode 2


We hope you enjoyed the first episode of the GeekNerdDork podcast. Episode 2: The Lost Files is actually the original “lost” episode of the podcast where Gavin and Jeff sit down to talk about what they want the show to be about. Sadly, J.M. Frey could not join them for this show.

The guys discuss all manner of comics and comic-book related films and games, get depressed by Hoarders, vainly pitch Thunderbolts to 20th Century Fox and deal with an unplanned Odin the dog cameo appearance.

J.M., Jeff and Gavin will be recording a new episode of the podcast tonight at the Silver Snail at 7:00 PM, so please stop by, say hello and pickup a book or two!

Download: GeekNerdDork Cast – Episode 2 (95 MB, MP3, 1:06:06)
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Big thanks to our friend DJ FINISH HIM for providing the title track to the podcast.
You can hear more of his music here.

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