Green Lantern: Hal Jordan Head Injury Project

Green Lantern contemplates his head injury

Flickr user dlanod has been compiling an archive of panels from DC‘s Green Lantern comics over the years.  In particular, he has collected panels which feature Hal Jordan—the 1960’s Silver-Age Lantern and Current Green Lantern—sustaining numerous head-injuries, of which there seem to be no short supply.  Hal Jordan should be dead from the innumerable blows to the head he has received over the years.  Serious brain damage caused by years of repeated head trauma inflicted by both the Green Lantern’s enemies, his own power ring and even a randomly thrown gold Oscar statuette.

Green Lantern: Hal Jordan Head Injury Project @

Really funny set.  dlanod has some other great Comic Book and Film photo sets worth checking out as well.

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