Haley to be Green Lantern Villain?

Jackie Earle Haley and Sinestro

Ain’t It Cool News is reporting a pretty interesting Green Lantern rumour regarding the role of Sinestro.  Jackie Earle Haley — most recently known for his portrayal of Rorscach in Watchmen — is said to be up for the role of Hal Jordan’s mentor-turned-nemesis.  It is still unclear whether Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern film will be a straight origin story for Hal Jordan or actually tackle Sinestro’s betrayal of the Green Lantern Corps.  Either way, Sinestro’s presence is a positive sign that they are taking the film in the right direction.

I think Haley is a great choice for Sinestro.  He has played many supposed good-guy characters in his career that were varying shades of grey, and still managed to scare the crap out of me.  To see him in a truly villainous role like Sinestro would be amazing.  It also must be noted that Sinestro is an alien, meaning that he probably won’t resemble actor David Niven like he does in the comics.  With Rorscach Haley proved that you didn’t need to see his face in order for him to be intimidating; if he’s going to be acting underneath alien prosthetics then you know he’s the guy that can pull it off.

The story also says that a Superman cameo is likely to happen, something that has been long rumoured.  In Green Lantern lore, when Abin Sur crashed on Earth he ordered his Power Ring to search for a successor.  The ring made a quick stop at the Kent Farm in Smallville, in an effort to determine if Clark Kent would make a suitable Green Lantern candidate before finally choosing Hal Jordan.  A cameo like this allows DC and Warner Bros. to test the waters with a new actor in the role of Superman, without actually having to commit to a full blown Superman film.  Ongoing litigation between the families of the creators and DC means that there is only a small window for a new Superman film to be made.  I wasn’t a fan of Brandon Routh in Superman Returns, so I hope they go with someone else.

In other Green Lantern movie news, The Hollywood Reporter confirms what we reported back in August; that the slumping US dollar means the film will no longer be shot in Australia.  This could mean huge delays for the film, which was already well into pre-production down under.  Warner Bros. is now considering alternate locations including Mexico or here in Canada.  Like I said before, I think Ryan Reynolds’ home town of Vancouver would make an excellent Coast City.