Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Cast

Halt and Catch Fire: Exclusive Series Finale Clip

It’s been four fantastic seasons full of drama and intrigue set against the backdrop of Silicon Valley, but the two-hour series finale of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire is finally here.

The final season of Halt has been a bittersweet affair, chockfull of revelations, reunions, and a major character death to boot. Every single twist and turn this season has felt like it’s been earned, a reminder of just how much this show has grown during its all-too-short tenure. While Halt and Catch Fire may have seemed like simply “Mad Men with Computers” at the outset, the series has bloomed into something so much more: a complex character drama that uses the history of the information age to tell gripping stories all while being one of the best acted and best written shows on television. This writer will be very sad to see the series go, but it’s a near certainty we’ll be seeing more of Halt‘s wonderful cast in the future.

We’ve got an exclusive clip from the first half of the Halt and Catch Fire series finale (an episode titled “Search”) where Donna (Kerry Bishé) and Bos (Toby Huss) repair an old radio and reminisce.

Be sure to listen to our recent interview with Halt star Scoot McNairy where we discuss the show’s final season, his relationship with Gordon, and of course what’s on his Dork Shelf.


The two-hour Halt and Catch Fire series finale airs Saturdays @ 9 pm on AMC