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Hazel and Katniss and Harry and Starr Podcast: Goosebumps

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Join us weekly for deep dives, as well as a round of YA BINGO.

Book 6, Chapter 7: Goosebumps feat. Paul Farrell

We’re still on the gateway horror track with a look at three R.L. Stine texts and Rob Letterman’s 2015 film adaptation, starring Jack Black (again!)

Guiding the discussion with encyclopedic knowledge is Goosebumps super fan Paul Farrell, who advised Brenna and Joe to read The Ghost Next Door, The Blob That Ate Everyone, and Night of the Living Dummy 2 to prepare.


Plus: terrible families, brightly coloured cover art, the new Disney+ show, and Stine’s approach to hooking young readers.

Read on for more about this week’s episode from co-host Joe Lipsett:

So far for Spooky Season 2023, we’ve had episodes on The House with a Clock in Its Walls, Love and Monsters, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. For the second last entry, Brenna and I wanted to tackle R.L. Stine. He’s a hugely important figure for middle school readers. Between Goosebumps and Fear Street, the author has been writing gateway horror for decades.

While we read three books for the episode, this is a broadly inclusive Goosebumps episode. Thanks to expert Paul Farrell, we also touch on the Canadian TV series, the new Disney+ series and even the second film. It’s pretty all-encompassing and a great listen. Paul is a fantastic guest who knows his stuff! –JL

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