Hazel and Katniss and Harry and Starr Podcast: The Edge of Seventeen

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Book 6, Chapter 19: The Edge of Seventeen

The second half of our “17” double bill concludes with Kelly Fremon Craig’s The Edge of Seventeen (2016) which finds Hailee Steinfeld playing a frustrating/unlikable social outcast. C/W: Attempted sexual assault

Plus: Why it’s important to read the film from Nadine’s perspective, the film’s cringe-y but authentic scenarios, Joe mispronouncing Kyra Sedgwick’s name, and Brenna spotting a Dawson’s Creek alum.


Read on for more about this week’s episode from co-host Joe Lipsett:

When Brenna proposed covering 17 Again, I realized it was a good excuse to do a “17” doublebill and finally get her to watch this confronting coming of age story.

I’ll confess that I didn’t like The Edge of Seventeen the first time I watched it. Fremon Craig, who directed last year’s superb Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, has crafted a really challenging heroine, but the character feels so authentically frustrating, I think it actually strengthens the film.

Ultimately audiences who can’t stand unlikable protagonists will undoubtedly struggle with this film, but this episode may help folks to understand why. Who knows? Maybe some people may even find they gain a new appreciation for it!  -JL

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