Hellboy David Harbour

Hellboy Red Band Trailer: Blood, Violence, and an F-bomb

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Hellboy

The second trailer for the upcoming Hellboy reboot popped up today and it delivers all the blood, violence, and snark you expect from a Hellboy movie. The latest trailer stays true to the character’s comic book roots while giving off a different vibe than Guillermo del Toro’s two excellent Hellboy pictures.

If Deadpool taught us anything it’s that moviegoers love foul-mouthed comic book characters, and this Hellboy (David Harbour) isn’t afraid to drop F-Bombs. The film’s R-rating doesn’t feel like a gimmick. Hellboy comics feature gruesome-looking characters and explore dark themes. It appears this reboot doesn’t hold back on either. But most importantly, you don’t hire Neil Marshall to direct a PG-13 comic book movie. Have you seen The Descent? If you haven’t, stop what you’re doing and go stream the film right now because it’s a classic. And then come back and watch the latest Hellboy trailer. It’s here waiting for you below.

The trailer’s irreverent tone perfectly captures the spirit of comics and nails its main character. Despite Hellboy’s menacing appearance, he is a big ol’ softy. His brute with a heart of gold schtick makes him a giant red cliché. He may be able to walk through fire and punch through walls, but a broken heart can bring him to his knees. He’s sensitive. He grew up in a world that refuses to accept him, and yet he continues fighting for it. But there’s still darkness deep inside him, calling him to the side of evil. The character’s selflessness, and willingness to fight for those who fear him exemplifies what we love about our heroes.

One standout moment in the trailer shows Milla Jovovich’s character Nimue the Blood Queen making out with Hellboy while blood rains down on them. It’s a wild visual that shows us why this film demands a hard-R rating. Hellboy looks gory AF. In less than two minutes, we watch people get sliced up, stabbed, and splattered. If I have a complaint about the film, it’s that the heavy use of CG makes it look video game-y. GDT’s film’s used plenty of CG, but they also felt grounded in the real world, though a heightened one. I don’t get that sense from this trailer.


Trailers exist to show-off a movie’s flashiest bits, and that’s precisely what this one does. If this film is going to work, it’s because it introduces standout characters who have great chemistry. We’ve seen David Harbour play a lovable lug head on Stranger Things. He can do gruff, but kind in his sleep. What remains to be seen is his dynamics with the rest of his team, and whether Nimue the Blood Queen makes a compelling Big Bad. We won’t know until this film drops in April. But if I had to bet, it wouldn’t be against Neil Marshall. The man has a proven track record for delivering thrilling stories full of tension, violence, and visual set pieces.

Hellboy synopsis:

Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, Hellboy, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge.

Hellboy arrives in theatres on April 12, 2019.