Acutus AVID SP

Hi-fidelity Horror: Did I just ruin a $25,000+ turntable?

There are many ridiculous things in the world of Hi-fidelity, but that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you think you’ve done something wrong with a brand new device is hardly unique to that hobby. It’s a depressingly relatable emotional rollercoaster. So if my tale of woe can prevent just one other Hi-Fi heart attack, it might have been worth it.

But what exactly happened? When I was setting up my review copy of the AVID Acutus SP, I gently cleaned the platter with isopropyl alcohol and found it left streaks that looked suspiciously like scratches. It was easy to think that permanent damage was somehow done to the proprietary surface. After another scrub using micro-fiber cloth and mild soap there was no change. Assuming (correctly) this was simply user error, I emailed the brain behind AVID and found a potential solution that will surprise any audiophile.

See if it worked:

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