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Hilarious Movie Parodies in American Dad

If you’ve been watching American Dad, you’d probably remember the few instances that this adult animated sitcom has featured movie parodies of popular films like Casino Royale and Terminator. Let’s take a look back at the clever way these movies have been presented by Seth MacFarlane and his team.

Casino Normale (Season 13 / Episode 11)

american dad casino normale
The story begins at the 70th Annual CIA Awards hosted by Nicki Minaj. Stan wins the Best Spy Seduction award. Francine wanted to get some of the seduction from Stan but, so she works with Klaus to build a website featuring her as a super spy named Beaver. Stan bites into the bait and they exchange a lot of intimate stuff over chat, “;-)”. Meanwhile, Roger pimps his classic car seemingly to get the approval of moustache men but, it turns out, he just wants to take revenge on Jay Leno because he is on the Roger’s revenge book. Asked what Jay Leno did, Roger doesn’t even remember but decides to go ahead just because he is in the book.

Needless to say, there is never a dull moment in this episode and in the entire series for that matter. There’s always a mixture of love and a bit of action with lots of spins and turns, much like the American Dad slot game you can play on BGO Casino, Slots Wire, and Vegas Slots. Developed by Playtech, the online slot game themed after the series is bright and colorful, exciting, and packed with lots of free spins bonus rounds. If you like watching American Dad, you’d have a blast playing it online, too.

May the Best Stan Win (Season 5 / Episode 12)

Let’s go back to this episode in season five where we see the Terminator mash up with other movies we love, like Lord of the Rings and Mannequin. Stan gives Francine love coupons for Valentine’s Day and tears his CIA contract agreeing to become a cyborg when his future cyborg self shows up. Apparently, Stan tore up the warranty for the dishwater. Future cyborg Stan speaks and reveals an American-Canadian-Spanish accent. Valentine’s Day gets cancelled as cyborg Stan prepares present Stan for the Robot Rebellion.

Just when you thought hearing future cyborg Stan’s Terminator accent is the highlight of this episode, there comes Steve producing a Mannequin movie remake. Roger also has a brief moment as Gollum from the Lord of the Rings when the plane he and Stan and Steve’s plane crashed. Plus, former president Ronald Reagan’s ghost appears to push Stan to take Roger’s medal to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and throw it into the Olympic torch. There’s so much to see and love in this episode, just like the assortment of games we see on BGO’s site, including Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Superman I and II, and Top Gun.

Every episode of American Dad is a hilarious one, that’s for sure. But, every once in a while, we see episodes like these which are just too good to watch just once.

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