Hot Docs 2015: Danny Review

Special Presentations 

Danny is as much a history of Newfoundland as it is a biography. The film explains how the province clawed its way out of poverty and became synonymous with its leader, Premier Danny Williams.

Through interviews with several notable Newfoundlanders including Williams himself, the film makes the argument that discovering offshore oil signaled a rebirth for the economy and for the island’s pride. When Ottawa tried to repeat history with unfair agreements concerning the revenue, Williams launched offensives against two Prime Ministers and captivated Canadians from coast to coast.

He was the leader everyone wished they had: an unapologetic patriot of his province. He was adored for doing things that no other leader would have the guts, clout, or even necessity to do. After Prime Minister Paul Martin reneged on a deal for oil revenues, Williams took down all the Canadian flags from provincial government buildings. When Stephen Harper later did the same, Williams, himself a Progressive Conservative, created the ‘Anybody But Conservative’ campaign and shut out the party from Newfoundland and Labrador at the following election.


This is a compelling story of one of Canada’s most colourful provinces and leaders. It is artfully shot and includes images, radio addresses, and press conferences from the region’s most notable and notorious political moments. It also includes interviews with recognizable Newfoundland faces like members of the comedy troupe CODCO and comedian Mark Critch.


Sun, May 3 1:15 PM @ Isabel Bader Theatre