How To Actually Make Real Money Playing Games

How to Actually Make Real Money Playing Games

We’ve all wished that we could make money by playing games but many don’t know that this is actually possible. There are a variety of ways that you can end up making real money, simply by playing a few rounds. Join us if you want to learn how.

Farming items or grinding can give you the upper hand in the online universe. In games like World of Warcraft, earning these items can allow you to sell them to other players who don’t want to go through the tedious process. Time is money and if you spend time in a game, you can sell the resulting items for a profit.


eSports tournaments are on the rise and you could find yourself playing in one. While you may not be attending the likes of BlizzCon, there are smaller tournaments that are more achievable to win cash on. In the golden age of these tournaments, a player could come from almost anywhere and win some prizes from the sponsors. As these grew in popularity there are now more of them to pick from, with cash prizes to be won.

Gambling games online can also give players the opportunity to make money while playing. There are slots, casino games and even bingo games worth playing on – as each can offer a significant return on your investment. Some can be based on the wager of all players, such as progressive jackpot bingo and slot games, so these can give players the chance to win millions.


The most important part of playing these bingo games online is to do so in a safe way. Once you’ve vetted a site and set up an alternate payment method then you can play bingo for money without hesitation. That way, you can simply enjoy playing bingo without worrying about other aspects concerning online safety.


Testing games might seem like a privilege for some players but studios will happily pay you to do so. It’s not all getting to run through the latest games or missions, some of it can be very tedious. Looking for and replicating bugs is something that takes up most game testers’ time and it’s a boring process. Nevertheless, it may allow you the chance to play a brand new game before anyone else.

If you love playing games then the chances are that you’ve looked into strategy guides at one point or another. These don’t simply materialize, a writer has been paid to impart their knowledge to others on the subject. They’re generally paid by a site that wants to bring in more clicks and hence earn more advertising revenue. The key thing to know about writing for one of these sites is that you really need to know your stuff, if you’re bluffing then they’ll know right away.

If you think you know enough about a game then you could contribute to one of these sites. Independent writers can also create their own blogs or eBooks and capitalize on the information for themselves. This can offer a better return in the long run but it can be difficult to gain traction initially. The internet is crowded with these guides and sites, so if you want to stand out you need to offer something truly different.


YouTube is a massive platform for those that enjoy playing and learning about games. Setting up your own gaming channel can be the start of a fruitful career playing games for a living. While this industry is super competitive, if you enjoy making the videos then the money that you can earn will come as an added bonus. The monetization of YouTube videos is always being spoken about online, so you’ll be able to pick up lots of handy hints and tips from more experienced creators.


You might not know much about trading on the stock market but in game currency can create a similar market. It’s all about the supply and demand for this currency, so trading at the right time can help you make a killing. In games like Second Life, the currency goes through highs and lows that are similar to real world currency. Buying and selling in game currency can serve to deliver you some real world profit.

Many people make a living from playing games; whether they’re selling items or writing about them. If you think you have what it takes then try one of these methods to scoop up some cash from your favourite game, it might just become your full time job.