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How to Improve Your Memory

When you have an experience in your life that you thoroughly enjoyed, you want to be able to look back on it in your mind’s eye for years to come to remember the good time that you had. It’s a shame, then, when, years down the line, your brain just can’t seem to retrieve the image or information that you so desperately need.

There are, however, a variety of things that you can do to hold onto your memories, meaning it is possible for you to relive the good times of the past over and over again. To see what you need to do to improve your memory, check out the advice below.

Put it to the test

Your memory is never going to improve or strengthen if you leave it to its own devices, which means you need to go out of your way to stretch it. Science agrees: by putting your memory to the test, the connections your brain makes between its neutrons, which are called synapses, will make it easier for memory patterns and images to form.


To test your memory, you have to put yourself into a position where remembering information is key to success. An example of this could be found in you entering an Escape Room, an experience in which you and your specially selected band of teammates are locked inside of a room and then tasked with working out the games and puzzles found in there to buy yourselves your freedom. When you choose this real-life gaming option, your memory will be put to the test as you seek to remember all the key information provided that’ll help you to solve whatever mystery is set out in front of you. Whatever room you choose, be it the Runaway Train or Do Not Disturb, inside of them, you can be sure that the tasks that you perform will test your remembering skills and push your memory capabilities to the limit.

Take a holistic approach

On the other hand, you don’t just have to put your memory through such a strenuous experience in order to improve it. You can also take the serene route, which is to embrace the holistic approach.

By taking such a route, you make growing your working memory to the max capacity a possibility. By boosting the capacity of your day-to-day working memory, you give yourself a greater chance of storing more everyday information in it going forward. If you work in a profession, such as teaching, where remembering people’s names is key to your success, then this is something that you have to be doing.


The best holistic approach to take in this instance is meditation. By resolving to meditate upon occasion, you inject your brain with the relaxation it needs to be able to stop processing information at the high pace that it normally works at. By slowing your brain down in this way, you give it a far greater chance of capturing images, feelings and even scents in the mind’s eye that are clear enough to then turn into long-lasting memories.

If you want to be able to look back on your memories from the past in as clear a fashion as possible, then you need to be doing all you can to improve your memory.

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