id Software Bought by ZeniMax

id Software - John Romero, John Carmack and company

Kotaku just broke the news that legendary First Person Shooter developer id Software will be purchased by ZeniMax, parent company of RPG developer Bethesda Softworks.  The merger of id Software; the company that created the likes of Doom and Wolfenstein, and Bethesda Softworks; the studio behind Fallout 3 and the Elder Scrolls games, is huge news and an amazing opportunity for both companies.

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When developers of this calibre get together, gamers everywhere win.  Not only does this mean that we’ll see more games from id software more often, but it also means that Bethesda will now have access to id’s cutting-edge Tech 5 game engine and whatever future brilliance id co-founder John Carmack pulls out of his ass.  Plus, a little more first person shooter experience for Bethesda wouldn’t hurt, since Fallout 3‘s shooting mechanics were utilitarian at best.

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