If Movie Posters Used Bad Reviews

Van Helsing Review

We all know movies put their best foot forward when it comes to poster blurbs.  Hollywood blockbusters are quick to use what Roger Ebert or A.O. Scott have to say about a movie, if it makes them look good.  But even if Ebert and his posse of real film critics don’t like a film, you’ll still see blurbs on the poster.  These blurbs are often bought and paid for from less reputable “critics” like Shawn Edwards and Harry Knowles — see “Quote Whores“.  When I see these names on a poster, I know I should probably stay away.  Sadly, most people just see a name with a quote with four stars beside it and decide that the film must have some merit because of that fact.  It’s the old Milgram experiment applied to film, except in this case the authority figure is telling you to see a particularly bad movie against your better judgement.  He must know what he’s talking about, he’s a movie critic!

But what if movie posters featured blurbs from the worst reviews the film received?  Would people still see the movie?  ScreenJunkies.com has done just that; taking the crème-de-la-crème of scathing one-liners from negative reviews and stylishly applied them to various movie posters.  The results are hilarious and at times saddening, especially when they’re applied to films you really tried hard to like.  I’m looking at you Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

If Movie Posters Used Bad Reviews @ screenjunkies.com

Thanks to Alana for the link.