Inglourious Basterds Behind-the-Scenes Clip Still Won’t Convince me to Watch American Idol

Quentin Tarantino decided to debut some behind-the-scenes footage from his new film, the Second World War Nazi-Killfest Inglourious Basterds. The clip features our first look at Toronto native-son Mike Myers as British General Ed Fenech.  Thanks to the internet—and Dork Shelf—you don’t have to sit through the low-brow schlock that is American Idol, you can watch the clip right here!

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Tarantino debuted the Basterds footage during Fox’s American Idol of all places. I guess 40 million viewers is a pretty effective way to build buzz for your movie, but I don’t really think Inglourious Basterds target demographic watches American Idol. Only time will tell if teenage girls turn out in droves to see a crack team of Jewish soldiers stick it to Hitler and company. Oh, and I think some guy named Brad Pitt is in it too.

Thanks to Raj for the heads up.


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