Interview: Amy Finkel

Dork Shelf talks to Amy Finkel, director of the Hot Docs 2013 selection, Furever: a film about the preservation of the memory of dead pets. We talk about the stigma surrounding the grieving process, who stands to profit from it, her personal connection to the material, and why cremation might be the most suspect method of memorializing a pet shown in the film.

Interview: Jeff Renfroe and Kevin Zegers

We talk to writer and director Jeff Renfroe and actor Kevin Zegers about their work on the post-Apocalyptic Canadian action thriller The Colony and what it's like to shoot such a cold looking movie in an abandoned NORAD bunker.

Code Monkey
Save World

No, that's not a grammatical error: Code Monkey Save World is the upcoming comic by Greg Pak, inspired by Jonathan Coulton's songs. It's exactly as awesome as it sounds.

Interview: Olga Kurylenko

We sit down with actress Olga Kurylenko about her work with Terrence Malick on his latest poetic opus To the Wonder and about finding her character, why the role was a difficult one, and what it's like working with an icon of American cinema.

Interview: Charlie Carrick

We talk to one of TIFF 2012's Rising Stars, actor Charlie Carrick about his work in the CFC produced feature Molly Maxwell, and about working with first time director Sara St. Onge, the enormity of the project for the CFC, his interactions with co-stars, what the Rising Star designation means in hindsight, and his plans to branch out in the future beyond acting.

Interview: John C. McGinley

We chat with famed and beloved character actor John C. McGinley, who gets to call the games of Jackie Robinson's first season in Major League Baseball as iconic Brooklyn Dodger announcer Red Barber in the biopic 42. We also talk about working with Academy Award winner Brian Helgeland, playing a sports reporter, and the how his approach here was somewhat similar to his small part in Office Space

Interview: Derek Cianfrance

We sit down with The Place Beyond the Pines director Derek Cianfrance about how his own experiences honed the film’s takes on father/son relationships and the concept of heroism, his influences, his working relationship with Ryan Gosling, and the different set of challenges between this film and Blue Valentine. We also talk briefly to Dane DeHaan (as much as we can without spoiling the film) about his character and his approach to such an unconventional and sprawling story.

Interview: Fede Alvarez

We talk to the first time feature director behind the long awaited and talked about remake of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead about making such a huge leap from microbudget shorts to a big deal studio production, his film’s reliance on practical effects and authenticity rather than CGI and fake sets, the film’s writing process, why the MPAA was actually helpful on a film some say is one of the goriest ever made, and why he’s always his own harshest critic.

Interview: Sally Potter

We talking to British filmmaking legend Sally Potter about her latest film Ginger & Rose, and her casting process, recreating the 1960s down the street from her own home, her thoughts on deep friendships, how young people are underestimated, and the question of what accessibility and placing a bit of oneself into a story actually entails.