Interview: Zach Braff

We sit down with actor, writer, and director Zach Braff to talk about his dual role in Sam Raimi's hotly anticipated Oz the Great and Powerful and working with Raimi on making another tale in one of cinema’s most iconic locations, the multimedia based nature of his performance as a talking and flying primate with a jaunty hat, his memories of the original Oz, and why there hasn’t really been a follow up yet to Garden State just yet.

Interview: Barry Levinson

We sit down with acclaimed director Barry Levinson (Rain Man, Good Morning Vietnam) to talk about his first foray into horror with the found footage ecological thriller The Bay.

Interview: Jonathan Keltz

We talk to 21 and Over's chief villain and resident cheerleader Jonathan Keltz (who is actually really nothing like his on screen counterpart) about playing a broad villain, why his character is secretly kind of a hero, keeping up his energy levels, and what makes this film different from a lot of teen comedies.

Interview: Doug Blush

We sit down with documentary filmmaker Doug Blush about his look at people living with bipolar disorder Of Two Minds and how telling personal stories always trumped a cold, clinical approach to a misunderstood mental illness.

Interview: Michael Melski

We talk to Haligonian filmmaker Michael Melski about his gritty new thriller Charlie Zone, depicting the darker side of the city he loves, researching underground fighting circuits, and the visceral reaction some viewers have already had to his film.

The Coen Brothers in Nayman’s Terms

We talk to film writer Adam Nayman (The Grid, Cinema Scope) about the latest installement of his public series of cinematic classes, In Nayman's Terms (kicking off this coming Monday at Toronto's Miles Nadal JCC), which focuses on the work of America's most well known tandem auteurs: Joel and Ethan Coen.

Interview: Scott Altman

Ever wonder who actually buzzed the tower and flipped off that enemy mig for Tom Cruise in Top Gun? It was this man: Naval Captain and current NASA pilot Scott Altman. We talked to Altman about working with Tom Cruise and Tony Scott in honour of the film's 25th anniversary Blu-Ray release.

Interview: Jason Blum

We catch up with hot young producer Jason Blum - the man who helped bring the world Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister, and this week drops Dark Skies.

Interview: Mike Smith, Robb Wells, and Jean Paul Tremblay

We talk to the trio of comic actors best known for playing The Trailer Park Boys about their most ambitious project to date The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour (now on DVD), the challenges faced with creating such a trippy show, crafting something entertaining for the messed up and sober in equal amount, and fighting with the network of the number of curses they could use.