Jeff’s Pulls for the Week of July 23

This week’s pull list is brought to you by the upcoming nerd mecca that is the San Diego Comic Con.  Enjoy the books!

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #2 (of 3)

Tales of the Corps is a tie-in book that helps explain the dynamics of the different color spectrum Lantern Corps’.  Various writers and artists worked on this book, and while it’s not a requirement for the Blackest Night event as a whole, it does help you learn more about various characters in the Green Lantern universe.

Dark Wolverine #76 (Dark Reign)


So Wolverine’s son is running amok; in the last issue he picked a fight with Bullseye, now the repercussions of that fight have brought the Fantastic Four into the fold.  Proving that while Wolverine may not be the lead character in this book, they’re certainly keeping things interesting.

Green Lantern #44 (Blackest Night)

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen (The Flash) investigate the coming of the Blackest Night, with help from a long lost friend.  Blackest Night is a Green Lantern event that encompasses the whole DC universe.  Reading the Green Lantern series is a must for people following the events of Blackest Night.

Incredible Hulk #600


I want you to pick up this issue for one reason and one reason only.  This is a book where you see what a truly talented inker can do.  Dexter Vines usually inks Ed McGuinness’ work, the two are icons of the industry and really show off what a creative duo can do.  Dexter has been working with Steve McNiven on Old Man Logan and I’m assuming he was unable to meet the deadline for The Hulk as a result.  So they brought in another inker.  Judging from the six preview pages I’ve seen, Vines’ absence really hurts this book.  Again pick it up to keep as an example of what a talented inker does for their artist.

Power Girl #3

Justin Grey and Jimmy Palmiotti are back and bringing their talents to Power Girl.  This book is fun and dynamic and drawn by the insanely talented Amanda Conner.  I encourage you to pick this up and share it with your friends kids and girlfriends or boyfriends, everyone can enjoy Power Girl’s ridiculous cleavage.

Mouse Guard Vol. 2 – Winter 1152


Back to books for everyone, David Peterson’s brings his epic tale of mice to shelves in this second hardcover volume.  The art is absolutely stunning and the book is new reader friendly.  My wife is looking forward to this book more then I am.  I enjoy picking up a book we can both enjoy. This does however mean I do have to buy two copies, your welcome Mr. Peterson

New Avengers Prem HC Power Vol. 10

With all the books I have bought with the name Bendis on them, I am certain I’ve put at least one of his kids through college.  I love when he writes dynamic team books and I also enjoy the format of a hardcover book.  This means the book can travel, plus you can display the dust jacket as art!  Marvel knows how to get these books out on time and looking fantastic.

Until next week, enjoy.  Please comment and share your pull list.  And send your own weekly suggestions to [email protected]