Jeff’s Pulls for the Week of July 8

Green Lantern #43

As a collector the last few weeks have been insane, I’ve been overwhelmed with titles recently.  Now you die hard fans are scoffing at my plight, but to be honest, having to read this many books is an overload for my brain, not to mention the financial impact this repeated pull list overload has had.  That’s why weeks such as this are a thankful reprieve.

This week brings me just one book; one amazing book to cap off the DC Comics event The Blackest Night.

The most incredible thing Geoff Johns does is makes you care about a character whom you had little or no concern for in the past.  Who the hell is William Hand? The character who at first appeared to be a joke at first; something to scoff at, is now a force to be reckoned with. Blackest Night is a true gateway event, this is a great jumping on point for those who have up until now not been too keen on the DC Universe.  I got our very own Will enthused about Green Lantern with another Geoff Johns title, Green Lantern: Rebirth, and up until that point he had made fun of Green Lantern to no end.  Now who posts all the Green Lantern stories on the siteWill.  If Johns can make a fan out of Will, he can do it for you too.

Green Lantern #43 is wonderfully shocking.  It reminds me that books in the DC Universe can still deliver awesome single issue stories.  In these tough economic times we are all trying to pinch pennies, but I almost would have traded my entire run of Venture Bros. on DVD for this book;  It’s that frakking good.


Why should you tell your friends to try this book?  Green Lantern fans, you already know this is going to be great.  DC has been building toward this story for a long time, it’s a company wide crossover event; It’s going to affect the entire DC Universe.  Plus the art is great, and the writing is spectacular.  For those new to the DC Universe, pick up Green Lantern #43, and next week pick up Blackest Night #1.  You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll understand why so many people have been raving about what DC has been doing lately.