Jeff’s Pulls for the Week of June 17

I want to thank you all for coming back and remind you that if you have any books you think I should check out, or even your own pull list please feel free to comment, or email me [email protected]

Keep in mind these are not full length reviews, nor is that the intention of the Pull List feature.  The video reviews will return soon and you will once again be graced with my lovely mug.

Now on to the goods.

Captain America #600


This issue features too many artists to name and has Ed Brubaker in the writer’s seat.  This is a milestone issue, and even includes a story by Stan Lee!  Potential foreshadowing for the upcoming Captain America: Reborn miniseries featuring the art of Bryan Hitch and the writing talents of Brubaker.  Pick up this book for the mix of new stories and some classic Stan Lee and Jack Kirby action.

Destroyer #3 (of 5)

Robert Kirkmam and Cory Walker bring us the third in this 5 issue series. This is a MAX series book and thank the stars it is, because when you ask Kirkman to pull punches the entire project suffers.  This issue drop kicks you right in the stones and will not take prisoners.  I am really enjoying it.

Invincible Iron Man #14 (Dark Reign)


Matt Fraction has been handed the keys to many kingdoms,  the X-Men being the most notable, however the house of Iron Man is where I think he really shines. Fraction gives you a reason to care about Tony Stark, one of the most unrelatable character in the entire Marvel universe.  This issue features a cameo from the Crimson Dynamo; a version of this villain will play Iron Man’s film foe in the upcoming Iron Man sequel.  Art duties fall on series regular Salvador Larocca, your eyes will not regret what you witnessed.

Mighty Avengers #26 (Dark Reign)

Hank Pym is pissed (when is he not angry about something?) because Reed Richards called him out on knowing more about Pym particles.  The clash between The Avengers and The Fantastic Four comes to forefront in this issue.

Power Girl #2


DC has learned that when you hand over a book to a creative team, as long as they have a unified overall vision, the end product will make money. Justin Grey and Jimmy Palmiotti are the writers of Jonah Hex; DC’s long running sleeper hit, and now Power Girl. Amanda Conner is drawing a book that seems almost designed to her strengths and talents. Following the invasion of  issue one, we pick up exactly where we left off.

Superman/Batman #61

Artist Francis Manapul has me picking up this book, this issue merges the Titans and the Justice League as well as their respective villians.  Great art and a fun read.

Ultimatum Spider-Man Requiem #1 (of 2)


Brian Micheal Bendis, Mark Bagley, Stuart Immoen need I say more?  This is the best book Marvel puts out monthly.  This issue brings us Mark Bagley’s final Spider-Man art (for now) and Stuart Immoen’s last Spider-Man tale before he takes over New Avengers.

The Irredeemable Ant-Man TP

Phil Hester, Ande Parks and Robert Kirkman take the least likeable character in the Marvel universe, and make him even worse.  This was one of my favorite books when it came out and I was quite upset it only lasted as long as it did. Pick it up, well worth your money.