Jeff’s Pulls for the Week of June 24

This week is what I like to call a hell week; the sheer number of titles I need to read equals a large amount of dollars spent. As a result, I’ll mainly focus on why I’m buying or not buying particular books this week.

Astonishing X-Men #30

Writer Warren Ellis is one mad Brit.  Ellis brings the craziest ideas to the page, stuff that no one has ever come up with before.  He manages to be incredibly original and strikes a nice balance between the more sci-fi elements of the Marvel universe and the real life concerns of the characters.  Excellent stuff.

Daredevil #119


Andy Diggle is taking over, so while this book is on my list I may not pick it up.  Only because I would like to enjoy the latest Daredevil story arc without it being ruined by something subsequent.

Dark Avengers #6

Brian Michael Bendis is at it again.

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia #1


First issue which means a flip through and review; I love Matt Fraction’s writing and I do enjoy the throwback to the 90’s style in Marc Silvestri’ s art.  The issue is also note worthy for being the first Avengers/X-Men crossover in almost 15 years.

Dark Wolverine #75

Daniel Way takes over writing duties to tell the tale of Dark Wolverine, also known as Daken; the son of Wolverine.  I love the opportunity to jump into a new book and this is an excellent book to try if you want to catch up with all the latest Marvel universe goings on.

Green Lantern #42


The Agent Orange story arc is wrapping up and #42 leads us right into DC’s big cross title event Blackest Night.  Philip Tan’s art is excellent, this arc has me really excited for the Blackest Night event.

Justice League Of America #34

This is a perfect example of sticking with a book for the sake of collecting.  The stories in this title have been well…. not so good.  The last few story arcs also focused on some of less popular characters; it seems like the title is a little overwhelmed by supporting cast members that have not been flushed out as well as they could be.  I know James Robinson and Mark Bagley will be taking over soon so I stick with it.

New Avengers #54


Unlike the Justice League, this book does not disappoint.  Bendis deftly uses of first tier characters and brings lesser known characters to the forefront.  With a new Sorcerer Supreme named in Doctor Voodoo (Take that Doctor Strange!) it will be interesting to see where this book goes.

Rapture #2

Taki Soma and Mike Oeming’s creator owned project continues the tale of a young woman trying to find the man she loves after a huge disaster.   The art by Mike Oeming is something I am happily enjoying.  The book features lots of different examples of Oeming’s work from water color to his more famliar Alex Toth style.

Spirit #30


Mike Oeming is at it again, this time he handles Will Eisner’s The Spirit.  After the last issue featuring the fantastic art of Paul Rivoche, Oeming handles the writing and art duties this go around.  This issue looks to be the best time for any new readers to jump on board with The Spirit.  I have been looking forward to this book since it was announced in the solicitations.

Thor #602

Thor has been banished from Asgard, Loki is one of the Dark Reign cabal puppetmasters and Balder is dealing with his new family responibilities.  A fantastic book with art from French Sensation Oliver Coipel and writing from Sci-Fi wunderkind J.Micheal Straczynski.

Wolverine: Weapon X #3

If you love gritty tales and you have not picked up the Vertigo title Scalped: Pick that book up in the trades.  This book continues the Ron Garney and Jason Aaron tale of a group of mercenaries who seemingly have taken the Weapon X project and made it their own.

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