Jeff’s Pulls for the Week of August 12

This week is a big week with the launch of Marvel’s Ultimate Comics and of course the second issue of the book I am sure you are all reading; Blackest Night.  If you guys see any books you think I’m missing from my pull list or want to post your own list email me at [email protected].  Let us know what you think about the books on this week’s pull list, leave a comment.

Blackest Night #2

Ok, so last issue I stood up and applauded after finishing the book, leaving me with incredibly high hopes for issue #2.  I wish nothing more than to have my mouth on the floor, eager to see what happens on the next page.  It’s still early in the series, so there’s still time to jump on board with this book. Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis are back at it and on time.  Heroes are dropping like flies, and long dead characters have risen from the grave! This is the book to read this summer.  Pick this book up.

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1


Alright, I know I always boast about the simplicity of Marvel’s Ultimate universe.  How you don’t have to worry about 60 plus years of back story and continuity; anyone can jump right in.  Well if you didn’t read any of the Ultimate universe books before, now is the perfect time for you to jump on.

This is a complete relaunch the Ultimate universe, following the events of Ultimatum some of the more known Marvel characters are dead.  New artists are coming on board, and the writers that started the original Ultimate universe are back as well.  This issue teams Brian Michael Bendis with David Lafuente (Runaways) tasked with art duties.  Bendis has yet to take to make a mistake with Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe, if any good can come out of <cite>Ultimatum</cite>, Bendis is the man to do it.

Ultimate Comics: Avengers #1

It goes without saying that Mark Millar wrote of the best Ultimates stories.  Now he’s back; and he brings with him the new-to-Marvel artist Carlos Pacheco (Justice Society of America, Superman/Batman). This has me really excited, as Millar has a chance to make some sense of the mess that was Ultimatum.  Pacheco’s art is fluid and classic, a perfect fit for this relaunch.  Where does this story start?  It’s said to involve Red Skull and a new Avengers team lineup.  This is the first issue, and I want to start off at the beginning.


That’s this weeks pull list.  Email me with your lists at [email protected].

Until next week, enjoy!

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