Katamari Damacy Rolls onto PlayStation 3

Katamari Damacy the oddball franchise from Namco Bandai will finally arrive on Sony’s PlayStation 3 later this year.

Katamari Damacy titles have previously appeared on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable.  Katamari Damacy is simple in concept but insane in execution.  The player controls the Prince of the Universe as he rolls up objects in his magical katamari ball.  The object of the game being to roll up as many animals, people, buildings, vehicles and things and grow your ball to a certain size within the time alloted.  The scale of the Katamari series has always been incredible; the player can start off rolling up paperclips and by the end of the stage find themselves rolling up cities, islands and even entire continents.

The new PS3 game titled Katamari Damacy Tribute has updated the popular cell-shaded art style of the previous games, and upped the scale to an entirely new level: rolling up moons, planets and galaxies seems par for the course.  If the trailer is any indication the quirky and wonderful music the series is known for has also been focused on for the new Katamari title.  Katamari Damacy Tribute arrives on the PlayStation 3 later this year.

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