Kill Shakespeare Gets Screenwriting Grant

It’s no secret that Canadians love some home-grown talent; this includes Kill Shakespeare, a graphic novel that I described to my roommate this morning as “Shakespeare crossover fan-fiction that’s actually good.”

It’s apparent that a lot of other people like it as well. Besides the praise its gotten from review sites (and video interviews from us), Kill Shakespeare might be headed for much bigger things.

On Monday, the team announced on Twitter that Astral Media (the same guys who bring us Teletoon and The Movie Network here in Canada) have awarded Kill Shakespeare, among others, money to produce a screenplay.

The cash comes from their Harold Greenberg fund’s English-Language Program, which received 1.3 million annually from The Movie Network in order to help Canadian projects transition onto the silver screen. Kill Shakespeare has been approved for “Treatment to First Draft” on the project’s announcement page.


I, for one, wish them good luck.

Matt Demers writes about comics and other nerdery for Dork Shelf; he also likes a good sonnet now and again. You can contact him on Twitter, or via his portfolio site.