DC Comics looks to 2010

New formats, new stories, and the worst kept secret in comics. The Return of Bruce Wayne At the end of Final Crisis, Bruce Wayne was believed dead. Well…  not so much dead as trapped back in time. The DC heroes all think Bruce Wayne is dead, except for Red Robin aka Tim Drake, but he […]

CGC Grades and Comic Prices

I want to take some time to answer a question I was asked by Susan. I was recently in a comic book shop my boyfriend frequents and saw books in large plastic cases with numbers above them. I was going to buy him one for his birthday and noticed that the prices jumped up. I […]

Jeff’s Pulls for the week of May 24th

What is a pull list? Most comic book retailers offer memberships to frequent customers. You pay to have your most frequently purchased books pulled so that you don’t have to pull them off the racks. This can save you time, disappointment, and, sometimes, money. Say you want a copy of a very popular Spider-Man / Superman […]

Etiquette: Asking for Convention Sketches

As a personal joy, I yearn to own original art created by my favourite creators, friends, jam pieces—I love ’em all. One of the best places to getting this art is at a comic convention. The one thing I noticed when I first started collecting was there was very little in the way of con […]

Introducing you to comics

A welcome guide to bring you and some friends into comics Listed in the video are some entry level books Post your comments and your entry books.