Leaked Monster Hunter Trailer Features Familiar Monsters

Is this the most faithful video game adaptation we've ever seen?

A leaked teaser trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Monster Hunter has hit the web. The reveal comes from the Shanghai International Film Festival earlier this week.

There isn’t much here to see as the upcoming film from Paul W. S. Anderson only shows a desert, star of the film Milla Jovovich and co-star Tony Jaa. What stands out about the trailer is Jaa’s unique outfit, which resembles traditional hunter gear in the Monster Hunter video game series. We also get a quick look at iconic Diablos coming out of the ground in dramatic fashion.

And if that isn’t enough to excite you, the teaser ends with what looks like Rathalos rushing through fire towards the screen. Monster Hunter is a re-imagining of the video games and incorporates new elements, including Jovovich’s Lt. Artemis, who is transported from our world to the one filled with these beasts. Tony Jaa’s character serves as a mentor to Lt. Artemis, showing her how to survive the world of Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter is set to hit theatres on September 4, 2020.


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