Lifechanger arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 12, 2019

Grim, Violent, and… Introspective

Justin McConnell’s blood-soaked genre flick, Lifechanger offers more than meets the eye. The movie revels in acts of debauchery; sex, foul language and gruesome violence. And at a glance, Lifechanger looks like B-movie Schlock. But stare into the film’s shape-shifting soul, and you’ll find a cerebral, socially conscious spirit more inline with a Sundance movie.

Lifechanger is a supernatural tale about a shapeshifter who steals people’s identities and memories. To take someone’s form, this person must drain their lifeforce and leave them a withered husk. But the body-snatching party comes to an end when the new bodies start to decay immediately. Suddenly, time is running out for this immortal being, and they refuse to go quietly into the night. The story plays out with a violent intensity that doesn’t let up until the final credits.

Here’s the trailer:

I reviewed the movie when it screened at Toronto After Dark and here’s what I had to say, “With its shrieking and throbbing score, grim urban setting, and audacious violence, Lifechanger plays like a great piece of 80’s trash-cinema (this is a compliment). Even the wooden performances add to the low-fi aesthetic. What’s most impressive, though, is the subtext McConnell layers throughout his picture. This is a story about human consumption – consumerism, environmental – and our Hoover-like ability to drain, devour and deplete, with no regard for the cost. Lifechanger is smarter than it looks, with a socially conscious message buried beneath all the brutality, bodies, and blood.”


If Lifechanger sounds like your type of film, it’s currently available on VOD across North America. You can watch it via:

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On March 12, you can purchase the physical release in these formats:

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