Horoscopics: The Top 10 Pisces Season Movies

It's Pisces season! Pisces' are the dreamers of the Zodiac, full of intense emotions, they are attuned to vibes that can’t be seen with just your eyes. Here is a list of top ten movies to ease you into the energies of the season.

A Kate Hudson-less List of the Top 10 Movie Love Stories

Actress Kate Hudson sure does have the market cornered on romantic movies, doesn't she? That Shelf's Dara Moats has complied a Hudson-free list of Love Stories, rid of the Goldie-daughter's infectious smile and affability, but full of many other lovely things to embrace from other, less Kate-ian actors.

Hilarious Movie Parodies in American Dad

If you’ve been watching American Dad, you’d probably remember the few instances that this adult animated sitcom has featured movie parodies of popular films like Casino Royale and Terminator. Let’s take a look back at the clever way these movies have been presented by Seth MacFarlane and his team. Casino Normale (Season 13 / Episode […]