Loose Cannons Episode #3 – Fando Y Lis (1968)

Excitement for the Loose Cannons as after two doses of grimy Swedish sexploitation we hit a ‘real’ movie from a ‘real’ director—and so early in the life of Cannon, too! Alejandro Jodorowsky’s debut, Fando y Lis takes us on a surrealist trip through Jodorowsky’s id, long before he had the kind of budget… or resources… or really, ideas, that allowed him to do something like El Topo or The Holy Mountain. So never mind if this is an essential part of the Cannon canon, is it an essential part of the Jodorowsky cannon?

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Fando  y Lis’s IMDB entry
Fando y Lis’s Wikipedia entry

Fando Y Lis

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