Xbox Backward Compatibility

Microsoft Winding Down Backwards Compatible Titles

It's the end of an era as Microsoft is winding down backwards compatibility support.

It’s the end of an era. Microsoft is slowing down backwards compatibility with their final suite of titles so they can focus on developing the same technology for Project Scarlett.

Project Scarlett is the codename for the in development console from Microsoft, and we learned a bit about it this week during E3.

“We’ve listened closely to community feedback and respect the game libraries you’ve built throughout the last 18 years. That’s why we’re taking our work a step further and announced this week that thousands of games from all four generations will be playable on Project Scarlett.”

Microsoft confirmed that while this is the last of the titles, Project Scarlett will feature thousands of titles ready to be played when you boot your console up. Hopefully the already expansive list of backwards compatible titles (around 600+) quenches your thirst for classic video games on your Xbox 360.


“We have now shifted our focus to help make the games you love playing on Xbox One compatible with future Xbox hardware,” Xbox confirmed over on the official website.

I’m really impressed with the support Microsoft brings to their older titles. Having the ability to play the majority of my older Xbox 360 games on my Xbox One ensure value to the customer, especially as I no longer have my older console hooked up.

With Project Scarlett, things only get better as Microsoft wants you to be able to play all your older video games on your shiny and new console.

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