Game of Thrones Season 8 Teaser Dany

New Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer Foreshadows Grim Fates for Beloved Characters

The new trailer, ominously titled "Aftermath", does not paint a pretty picture for our heroes

The final season of the HBO juggernaut Game of Thrones is just within our grasp! As we wait with baited breaths to see the conclusion of this song of ice and fire, HBO’s promo game is ratcheting up spectacularly. If you haven’t tired of dissecting the Season 8 teasers, promos, and that beautiful trailer (and of course you aren’t!), the network dropped a brand new teaser this morning.

Ominously titled “Aftermath,” the teaser appears to foreshadow a grim fate upon those of our heroes who are fighting the Others in the Great Battle of Winterfell. It opens up on an eerie portrait of a tattered Stark direwolf flag ruffling in the wind. A wolf snarls in the background as the camera moves through the broken halls of the Stark ancestral castle. The snow is covering the grounds thickly and falling with a feverish ferocity. Armor lies buried in the ground and stones, despondent.  A dragon roars in the sky. Screams echo in the wind.

The two most ominous shots? Longclaw lies buried in the snow. Jon Snow (Kit Harrington)’s beautiful Valyrian steel sword has seen quite a bit of action and despair over the past seven seasons. Will this final battle with the White Walkers be the one where it falls? Jaime Lannister’s (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) Golden Hand is buried deep. Will his redemption arc conclude in the courtyard of Winterfell? Daenerys Targaryen’s (Emilia Clarke) dragon chain hangs despondently over a broken edifice. Will her quest for the Iron Throne end in the ruins of ice and snow?

Watch and chime in on Twitter @ThatShelf! What are your theories? Are you more, less, or just as afraid for our characters as you were before?


The final season of Game of Thrones starts April 14th on HBO Canada and Crave