New Star Trek TV Spot


Latino Review has posted a new TV spot for J.J. AbramsStar Trek. The 30 second spot shows most of the stuff we’ve seen in trailers so far, but there are a few new things that make it worth watching. This was the first time I’d noticed Sulu sword fighting, no doubt an homage to the original Star Trek series, and Sulu’s penchant for fencing.

Star Trek TV Spot @ Latino Review

It’s funny to me that they still call these TV Spots.  Sure, they’re shown on TV once or twice during big prime-time events, but they really gain more traction and viewership on the internet. What do I know, I don’t run these studios. I’m also happy to see that people who were previously not into Star Trek are interested in this film. I guess they were right to go with Abrams.

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