New Terminator Salvation Trailer

John Connor (Christian Bale) confronts Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) in this summer's Terminator Salvation

The full theatrical trailer for Terminator Salvation has hit the web in full HD glory.  There was a point when I thought McG and I were done professionally, but this trailer almost makes me forget that he directed the abominations that were the Charlie’s Angels movies.  Almost.

Christian Bale looks to be playing John Connor in top form; screaming at people and muttering under his breath.  We also learn more about the mysterious Sam Worthington character of Marcus Wright… slightly spoilerific… so be warned before watching the trailer.

The movie may end up sucking, but this trailer is nearly flawless.  Great set pieces, good exposition and quality Nine Inch Nails music from before Trent Reznor‘s creative peak.  Zing! If this movie is anywhere near as good as its trailer, then we’re in for a treat—How many times have you said that to yourself, only to be disappointed?  Only time will tell, but Terminator Salvation is starting to look promising.  Goooood for you McG!

Terminator Salvation Trailer @ Yahoo Movies


You can see the trailer in theatres Friday attached to Watchmen, as well as the new Star Trek trailer.

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