Québexit Trailer: Sharp Political Satire

Today we’re checking out the trailer for writer-director Joshua Demers’ multi-lingual political satire, Québexit. The story occurs a month after Québec’s separatists barely squeak out a provincial referendum win. Taking place on a small road at the Québec-New Brunswick border, Québexit examines the mounting tensions between anglophones, Québécois Francophones, and Indigenous people. Québexit trailer: Demers […]

Games and Streaming: When Two Worlds Collide

Video streaming blasted into the mainstream shortly after YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006. Until then, there were a few services offering video streaming from the web – most notably DivX.com, a pioneer in the area launched in 2001. But Google spending more than $1.6 billion on a service pretty much unknown to the […]

Canada Submits Drunken Birds in Oscar Race

Drunken Birds, a Canadian-Mexican co-production about a man on the run from the drug cartel who finds work at a Quebec farm, will represent Canada in the Oscar race for Best International Feature.