NXNE Day 2

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While yesterday’s nxne itinerary was an ambitious one indeed, I managed to complete about 80% of it (the highlights being the late but great Star and Micey and the one-of-a-kind Marker Starling). Today’s has fewer shows but they come with stronger recommendations. For a look at what’s happening on the film scene take a look at Andrew Parker’s earlier post.

9:00 Wordburglar @ Sneaky Dee’s
First up is East Coast rapper (now Toronto resident) Wordburglar. One influencing factor of geek culture becoming mainstream (apart from us) is how it’s been adopted by hip hop culture, and nobody does this better than Wordburglar. With songs like “Dude, Where’s My At-AT At?” and his ode to comic books “Drawings With Words” (below), his rhymes are fast, funny, and fitting for this site’s readership.

10:00 D-Sisive @ Sneaky Dee’s
After Wordburglar it would definitely worth your while to stick around for some more local flavour courtesy of D-Sisive. While he may not look the part, D-Sisive has been at this for almost 20 years and has earned a ton of respect in the rap community. Humorous at times, touching at others, he approaches every song with a perfectionist’s wit.

11:00 T Nile @ The Monarch Tavern
Just down the street from Dee’s is little tavern that goes by the name Monarch where West Coast beauty T. Nile will be demonstrating her unique brand of pop infused folk (aka electro-folk). I’ve only listened to a handful of her songs, all of which have an ethereal quality which should be highlighted by the intimate venue.


12:00 Union Duke @ Magpie
Just when you thought there was only one Toronto-based alt Country band that ends in ‘Duke’, along comes Union Duke. It’s not just their name that sounds like Cuff the Duke, but their music as well, but with a much stronger blue grass element. Always a sucker for banjos and slide guitars, I’ll give these guys a shot. If I get bored I’ll be taking over/under bets on how many plaid shirts I count.

I’ll be calling it a night after this one and saving my energy for the weekend. If you have any recommendations for the remaining days you’d like to share please email [email protected]

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