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New Spider-Man Costume & Title Revealed

The Amazing Spider-Man Costume - Andrew Garfield
For an extremely high resolution view, click to enlarge.

Although we’ve had an idea of what the Spider-Man film costume was going to look like for awhile now, we finally get an official picture of the ol’ red-and-blue tights. Along with it comes the announcement of the film’s title: it will be officially referred to as The Amazing Spider-Man in all future news posts.

The picture confirms my suspicions that the black web accents were going to be CGI’d on, but there’s still way too much blue for my liking. That, coupled with the fact that the costume is way too arty to be designed by a 16-year-old science geek, makes me very skeptical for the film’s debut.

What do you guys think of the new costume?

Matt Demers is a Toronto blogger who really hopes that Gwen Stacy gets thrown off the bridge in this movie. It needs to happen. You can yell at him for being insensitive to blonds everyone via Twitter.

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