OITNB Episode 406

Orange is the New Black Episode 4.6 Recap

“Piece of Sh*t” uses excrement as a metaphor for the situations, personalities, and actions of those at Litchfield.

In The Shit

“You’re a piece of shit.”—  Gina Murphy

Joel Lushcek has historically given exactly zero fucks. From his work to personal life we have been given no evidence that this man is capable of showing any sort of sense of responsibility. When his friend Randy drops him off at work we are privy to another Lushcek life advice tip about drugs in the workplace, “You gotta show up high on the first day, that way they think that’s who you are.”


With his car and bike in the impound lot, it’s obvious that the money he made from selling Vee’s heroin has completely run out. His guilt over screwing over Nichols, however, is still in strong supply. It doesn’t help that Nichols has been barraging him with hate mail.

Joel, or Luschek rather, confides in his new bestie Judy King about his residual feelings. He is, in her humble opinion, only half a piece of shit with the redeeming qualities of being funny as hell and genuine.

We haven’t seen Nichols since she went down to Max—actually we’ve never seen anyone after they’ve been sent down the hill, but in “Piece of Sh*t” he finally get to see what’s become of her. She’s still sober, and pretty proud of herself. She receives her three-year chip, a symbolic piece of plastic for her. It’s immediately confiscated as contraband.

As a cleaning porter, Nichols runs into Burset, now left in a completely empty cell after she set her bed alight. Burset begs for a blanket, anything that might help her sleep. The only way Nichols can help her is to leave her some magazines.


Luschek comes to visit her in her new home. Is he really there to see how she’s doing? Is his apology genuine, or is he just there to clear his conscience? Nichols thinks it the latter and gives him hell for the life she lives now. She has no friends, despite fucking Stella she’s not emotionally attached, and the Aussie’s back on drugs anyhow. Nichols has no family, long ago abandoned by her exasperated mother. But she does have her sobriety. She has that right?

The Harder Stuff


Luschek isn’t the only one getting called out for his bad behaviour. Piper tries to chat with Alex, but her ex-lover is still pissed that Piper abandoned her when she needed her most to go fuck aforementioned lady from down under

Piper could also use some more sense knocked into her head when it comes to this White Power group she keeps attending. I know it wasn’t her decision to change it from a safety board to borderline KKK, but why does she keep attending? I suppose she does learn that the guards now know about the panty business.


The guards target any one off white. In a flagrant display of institutionalized racism they stop anyone not of Caucasian complexion. Boo warns Piper that she needs to protect her people, “If you wear the crown, you need to be willing to fall on your sword.” I bet you that Piper never figured she might get caught.

In an effort to protect her people, Piper rats on Ruiz. Instead of the precedent of sending her to the SHU, Piscatella changes the rules and adds more time to Ruiz’s sentence. More time behind bars, away from her baby girl. Piper has made a formidable enemy. The Dominicans are going to move away from under things into the harder stuff.

Use What You Got



Caputo has a new guru for his Warden style. This Kip guy is “in his head” and he forms a plan to start a series of “enrichment classes” for the inmates. To cut costs, he’s going to train the guards to teach said classes. So what’s Bayley going to teach, dog dying? And Dixon? “How to Hide Your Dick Under A Beer Can?” And what about Humphrey, “How To Be A Creepy Racist Groper”?


“If she’s telling you she needs something you need to listen to her. They’re people for Christ’s sake.” — Charlie Coates.

Is Charlie Coates starting to come around to the good side? When he was first hired he was so clueless about what to do, he constantly fucked up when it came to treated the women. After Penn basically informed him that he raped her (which he somehow did not realize) it seems like he might have learned his lesson and perhaps prove to be one of the very, very few guards who actually care about he inmates at Litchfield.

Speaking of caring, it looks like Healy actually might be making a breakthrough with Lolly. Healy shares his memory of his mentally ill mother, and how she felt like she lived in a dollhouse in her mind like the characters from an episode of The Twilight Zone. Lolly is able to connect with this, stating the many prisons she has in her life: the literal one, the fog of medication, and the voices in her mind that confuse the truth.

Going Clear



After seeing photos of Judy King at Litchfield, Taystee forms a plan to use Caputo’s Internet to sell pictures of Ms. King to these publications. But before she, Cindy, and Suzanne can “retire” – Suzanne will be retiring at “That hotel with the water park in Ohio” — they need to find a cell phone.

Allison has a cell phone, and if they are going to use it then she and Cindy are going to have to get along. In negotiations between the two that mirror that of the Gaza strip, Taystee encourages them to both use “I” statements when arguing about who has rights to the bunk, and who planted a bomb. They agree to work together and bond over a mutual hate of Scientology.

“Better than a good shit in the morning.” — Judy King

Luschek and Judy King also bond a little more after King hired a lawyer to get Nichols out of Max. Joel says thank-you, but that’s not exactly the recompense King was looking for from his lips. “I took care of you, now you’re gon’ take care of me. Butterscotch.”

The Shitty Life


Nichols is called to clean up blood from Sophia Burset’s cell. Burset is missing and the blood drips all over the magazines Nichols left her. Where is she now? Is she okay?

Nichols backslides into her drug addiction and trades oral sex for drugs with a guard.

What will become of these women? Nichols is going to come back, but will she be able to get clean again? Will both of these women’s self harm lead to their untimely end?

Out In The Yard 

First off, the fact that Bayley’s first name is Baxter and his dad has that thing for dying dogs is just too much. Also, Bayley’s impression is Piscatella, “KEEP THINGS ORDERLY AND IN ORDER” with the immediate check behind his shoulder just slayed me.

Soso might be a “Pillow Princess” but is that really going to end her and Poussy’s relationship? I hope not.

I can only guess what’s next for the inmates at Litchfield, but from what I can surmise from the racial tensions, I predict a violent future.