Orphan Black Episode 2.7 Recap

Hello readers, and welcome to the recap of Orphan Black season 2, episode 7, “Knowledge of Causes, And Secret Motion of Things”. This week countless secrets were revealed to each of the characters, with some hilarious and devastating consequences.

We start the episode at the rehab centre with Alison and Vic the Dick at an arts and crafts table. Unbeknownst to our little soccer mom, Vic’s little “less annoying Dr. Phil” routine is all a cover for his quest to grab dirt on her for Angie. Oh Alison. Never trust a man who collages with rhinestones. Instead of discussing future Etsy projects, Alison decides to tell Vic that she let Aynsley die. Oh and did I mention that she does this in a creepy serial killer voice? Jesus, Alison.

Unsurprisingly, Vic’s heart does not grow three sizes after Alison gifts him woolen mittens (one with only four fingers!), and he immediately tries to broach a deal for the dangerous new information.  After overhearing this, Alison calls upon her best bud Felix for help.

On the road, Cal has seen Swordfish one too many times, because he uses the computer software of a 90s hacker. Proving your mom’s paranoid chain mail right, Cal’s computer camera is turned on remotely, with the tech intruder catching a glimpse of both him and Kira. In a desperate move to evade Dyad and any other baddies, Cal destroys the laptop. Riddle me this though: if the Dyad can hack into his computer, isn’t it likely that they’ve hacked into the clone phones? And if they can hack into anything and you’re not willing to go Amish, then what’s the point of getting rid of your albeit tainted, but still helpful pieces of technology?


Back in Hoarder-ville, Dr. Duncan has a difficult time leaving his bird poop infested cavern. While Sarah leaves to deal with the peeping Dyad business, Mrs. S. takes charge of Duncan’s safety. Just before being whisked away, Duncan reveals that he has an ace up his dirty housecoat sleeve:  he’s in possession of early clone research that has escaped the Dyad’s grasp.

Armed with the powerful chip (or ace, depending on which metaphor we’re using), Mrs. S. enters the Dyad lair and makes a deal with Leekie: give up on finding Kira, and I’ll give you the missing science and Duncan. Although the proposal is seemingly a betrayal of Sarah, we find out that this is all a clever ploy to nab information from Leekie that could be used to turn Rachel against him.

Elsewhere in the Institute, Delphine seems to want to make even an invasive medical procedure sensual. Not the time, woman! The nurse’s face says it all:


Although a little excessive, this loving scene was a nice contrast to Helena’s harrowing experience being probed by less well-intentioned parties just a few episodes ago. The plan now is to insert Kira stem cells into Cosima’s uterus. Something something science will then cure Cosima of the polyps that are rapidly developing in her uterus. This is not a fun process.


During his catch-up session with Sarah, Cal is confounded as to how anyone was able to render him traceable, explaining to his ex: “Technology! Encryption! Routers! Words that sound smart!” When Cal brings up the odd picture Kira drew of her clone “aunties”, Sarah lies and states the drawing is nothing but a product of Kira’s overactive imagination. Well, that and schizophrenia.

More lying occurs at the Dyad lab, where Dull Paul covers for Sarah and Mrs. S. telling Dr. Leekie that his target came up empty handed in her search for Duncan. Dr. Leekie responds with a non sequitur, telling his lackey about his new artificial womb hobby. Dull Paul not amused. Although appearing convinced, we soon learn that Dr. Leekie was nothing of the sort.  He divulges to a mysterious and fabulous coat-wearing woman named Marion Bowles that Ethan Duncan is alive. Knowing Rachel’s volatility, the two propose to step in and take care of the situation should Rachel find out about her father’s existence.

Before leaving with a flurry of her cape, Dr. Bowles warns that she’s displeased with the amount of problems Leekie’s obsession with Sarah Manning has caused. From the minimal information we have about Leekie, I do have to agree. The dude does way too little science and way too much sleuthing. You have croanies, for godsakes, man! If I had croanies I would use them for everything. Getting pizza? I don’t care that there’s delivery, have a croanie fetch it for me. Taking the subway? Sorry, I have a new vehicle made up of handsome croanies ready to take me to work in their burly and comforting arms.

In a second ham-fisted overhearing boo boo this episode, Delphine shouts about the BIG THING she’s keeping from Cosima in a echoey hallway with Scott. When Cosima confronts her coworker about the secret, he folds like crisp pair of pants. Upon finding out whose stem cells were used to try and heal her, Cosima blows up at her lover. Delphine explains that the cells were harvested from a tooth that was taken from Kira at the hospital following her accident; unfortunately, the cells are in low supply. Faced with choosing between her own extinction and her niece’s safety, Cosima banishes Delphine from the lab in anger.


Meanwhile, our nuclear family gets burgers and discusses taking Kira to Reykjavik, Iceland (as if that is ever going to happen). Surprisingly, Cal tells Sarah that he doesn’t care what her secret is. While Cal could simply be displaying his paternal instincts, it does seem a bit odd that he’s willing to give up his life for a woman who could be dangerous and a child who could easily turn out not to be his.

At New Path Wellness Centre, it’s family day! Still obsessed with Sarah, Vic agrees to keep quiet about Alison’s little bout of criminal negligence if he gets to have a heart-to-heart with his ex. The chat turns out to be much less about apologies, however, and much more about trying to get Sarah back. With her hands full of hot lumberjacks and sexy Ken dolls, Sarah is not responsive to Vic’s proposal. Thankfully, Felix spikes the rambling dullard’s tea and we are spared a Streetcar of Desire shout from Vic.

Unfortunately, Vic’s incapacitation proves to be a problem once Felix learns that families are scheduled to peek into Alison’s quarters. While Alison and Felix are caught handling Vic, Sarah is confused for her alcoholic clone and must give a speech about the joys of sobriety. Ironically, I bet Sarah was desperately wishing for a shot while all of this was happening. In a fun twist, the families must also engage in a role-play demonstration that has Donnie adapting Alison’s persona, pearl clutching and all. Props to Kristian Bruun for a spot on portrayal of his on-screen wife.

After some shenanigans involving hiding Vic in a Weekend At Bernie’s type scenario, the two clones regroup in Alison’s bedroom. Thanks to the magic of special effects, we’re treated to not only interaction between the two Maslanys in the space, but also between their mirrored reflections.


Confused by his wife’s behaviour, Donnie barges in on the women and is genuinely stunned. While Alison is convinced her husband has been conspiring with Dr. Leekie, it turns out that Donnie is much more in the dark than we previously thought, his mouth gaping in shock once Alison utters the word “clones”. Not only does Donnie not know about the clones, but appears to be a complete patsy who was unaware of the medical testing done on his wife at night.

Okay, I want to hop on the “poor baby Donnie” train, but come on dude. You were recruited into a top-secret sociology study that involved giving you a spouse that you’d need to monitor for years, and you didn’t once stop to think this was sketchy? Also, let’s say that Donnie honestly didn’t think there was anything wrong with the study. He still engaged in a seven-year relationship with his wife because someone told him to. How is poor Alison ever going to believe that any of the feelings he professed are real?

While the rehab drama unfolds, Mrs. S. goes forth with her “divide and conquer” plan. The first move is to allow Rachel to speak with her father. From him, she learns how her parents were punished when they tried to run away with her. While Rachel breaks down at the news, her mode of dealing with Leekie’s betrayal is much more calculated. Instead of hurting her former mentor, she simply pushes him out of Dyad with the support of Mariam Bowles. She does warn him, however, that he must leave town or else he might just find himself falling into some manholes.

In another part of town, Cosima makes the difficult decision of discussing her disease and uncomfortable cure with her sister. While Sarah struggles with how to help Cosima, Kira takes things into her own hands and pulls out one of her baby teeth so that more of her genetic material can be used. I know a lot of crazy shit happened this episode, but honestly this might have been the most shocking. Maybe it’s just me, but as a child pulling teeth was one of the single more terrifying experiences I ever had. I would wait until the very last moment to pull them out even though I ran the risk of accidentally swallowing those rascals at night.  Kira’s determination in pulling out her tooth gained her some serious respect. Also she might be a robot.


The seventh episode ended with a confrontation at gunpoint between Donnie and a fleeing Dr. Leekie. Newly aware of the extent of Leekie’s manipulation, Donnie blames the scientist for his marital woes. When Leekie fails to apologize for his experiments, Donnie abruptly quits the experiment and slams down his gun on his steering wheel. Unlike his wife, Donnie is apparently terrible at gun safety, because the impact of the hit sets off the gun, splattering Leekie all over the sedan’s interior.

Oh shit.

Overall opinion: This was another solid entry into the Orphan Black canon, albeit one where so much happened that very little tension could be built in order to accommodate every event. With Leekie now gone (didn’t see THAT coming), we’re introduced to a possible new baddie in the form of Dr. Marion Bowles. There’s no way those crisp, monochromatic clothes spell anything but trouble for the clones. The way that she played Dr. Leekie so effortlessly before coldly disposing of him with Rachel make her one of the most dangerous forces the clones have faced yet.

Favourite lines:

Dr. Leekie: “I’m developing an artificial womb. Bit of a hobby.” Dull Paul: “I like pottery.” 

Sarah: “Where’s Alison?” Felix: “Welcoming her family. It’s some type of public self-flagellation.”

Dr. Leekie, to Donnie: “Listen to me you turnip…”