Page of the Wind

Page of the Wind Episodes 83 – 89

Welcome back faithful Pagerinos! Merry Christmas and a Joyous Life-Day to all! In this week’s very special blog post, we’re going to talk about Nick’s favourite part of the whole book – a part I, Jeremy, your faithful blog-meister – had never paid much attention to. That is, of course, the rhyme about Lady Lackless that Kvothe recites on Pages 85-86 of The Name of the Wind.

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We went over it line by line in Episode 86 of our show, so I won’t do that here – instead, I wanna talk about the potential implications of the rhyme as it relates to the larger narrative! So, be warned, we’re going to be deep-diving into fan theories that relate to the entire Kingkiller Chronicle. Spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

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On the podcast, we speculated that the Lady Lackless of the poem might be Kvothe’s mother, Laurian. However, it could also be Meluan Lackless. She’s a character we meet much later, in The Wise Man’s Fear. Kvothe helps Maer Alveron win her affections – and when he meets her, he discovers she has a strong dislike of the Edema Ruh, which stems from her sister having eloped with a Ruh many years ago. Could the “riddle raveling” in the poem refer to Arliden? (“Ravel” being an ethnic slur for the Edema Ruh.)


Now, we all know that Laurian comes from nobility, and left that life behind to be with Arliden. It’s theorized by many fans that Laurian is, in fact, Netalia Lackless. Kvothe finds that Meluan looks strangely familiar, but he can’t place her.

And, when Kvothe meets Meluan, she asks for his help opening a box passed down through her family for generations. A box without hinges, lock, or lid. Just like in the poem. A box that smells like lemon. Not unlike the box Kote keeps in the trunk by his bed in the Waystone Inn. Hmm? HMMM?

Of course, there are many more details of the Lackless family that come to light in the story … but we can save those for another blog. Suffice it to say that I’m usually the Scully, pooh-poohing the crazy fan theories. But in the case of this one … I’m pretty convinced.

What do you think, Pagerinos? Is Kvothe half-Lackless by blood? What’s in the box? Let us know in the comments here, on Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mail at [email protected]! Until next time – whatever you celebrate – Happy Holidays!