House of Gucci Review: Fashionably Messy

Despite an all-star ensemble cast and Ridley Scott behind the camera, House Of Gucci is neither a prestige drama nor a campy extravaganza despite over-the-top performances by Lady Gaga and Jared Leto.

The Amusement Park Review: A Lost Classic Brought Back From the Dead

Between the genre-redefining Night of the Living Dead in 1968 and the peak-career Dawn of the Dead a decade later, the late George A. Romero directed There’s Always Vanilla (1971), his only attempt at a romantic comedy, followed in quick succession by Season of the Witch and The Crazies in 1973, horror entries that received […]

SFFILM 2021 REVIEW: Supercool

The golden age of teenage hijinks movies has not passed. From Booksmart to Blockers and even Good Boys and The Prom the tradition of wedging adolescent yearning into calamitous evenings has never been stronger. But for every American Pie there are a dozen sub-par American Pie rips offs. Supercool might have a capable cast and […]