Jeff’s Pulls for the Week of June 10

Welcome to this week’s pull list.  This is a light week for me, but the quality of books certainly makes up for that.


Fantastic Four #567
So Mark Millar (pronounced “Miller”) and Bryan Hitch brought us The Ultimates, one of the best books of the past decade without a doubt.  This is the 8th issue in there 12 issue of a run designed to help reinspire people’s faith in the Fantastic Four.  Having little interest in the characters for quite some time, it has been Millar’s writing that has kept me on this book this long.  By no means is this an insult to Bryan Hitch’s art, it’s remarkable how much it grows and becomes even more dynamic with each issue.  Pick up this series, the trade is out for the first story arc and I assure you you will not be disappointed.

Flash: Rebirth3

Flash Rebirth #3 (of 6)
Geoff Johns + Ethan Van Sciver = Pick up this book! You will not regret it.

Superman and The Flash
Fine, you need more?  The Flash, Barry Allen will finally meet Bart Allen (Kid Flash aka. Impulse) and it looks like the entire JSA are out to help Barry as he deals with the revelations from issue 2.



Wolverine #74
Adam Kubert made his name in the X-Men universe and your going to see why in this book. Tommy Lee Edwards finishes up his tale, and writing duties now fall upon Daniel Way.  This issue is the conclusion of the story from #73, and is the last book before Way takes over with Dark Wolverine.  I have enjoyed this series since it relaunched back in the day.

Those are my picks for this week, until next week.

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