Quake Live Public Beta Now Open

Screenshot of Quake Live from id Software

id Software‘s web-based first person shooter Quake Live entered the open beta stage of development last week. Quake Live, based on id‘s popular 1999 shooter Quake III Arena is a free multiplayer browser based first person shooter.

For those of you wanting an nostalgic throwback to the world of PC gaming circa 1999(man, that makes me feel old), then give Quake Live a try. It plays exactly like Arena, but you can do it in the comfort of a browser tab.  The game is still extremely fast and intense, and takes only a few minutes to install.  Very addicting.  Hell, I stopped for 30 minutes in the middle of typing the short blurb just to frag some fools. If you never played Quake III back in the day, now is your chance. Quake Live is free, so what are you waiting for?

Play Quake Live Beta Now

Add my nick RoninKengo as a friend and we’ll play.


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