NYFF Dispatch II: The Human Voice Review

A new Pedro Almodóvar film is always cause for celebration. Even a short one, especially one that so carefully harkens back and deepens, in turn, the Spanish director’s longstanding fascinations. The Human Voice, starring Tilda Swinton and “freely based” on Jean Cocteau’s 1928 play by the same name, is pure Almodóvar. It’s both a potent […]

Oldenburg Film Festival Review: Buck Alamo

Buck Alamo is a simple tale of a man looking back at his life and trying to fight off death. Death for Buck Alamo (Sonny Carl Davis), the singing cowboy, is inevitable. Not only is the voice of Death (Bruce Dern) used as a voiceover throughout the film, but his doctor has told him in […]

Antebellum Review: Empty Gestures and Hollow History

When it comes to horror, what has happened throughout history to Black people is far worse than anything that has ever happened in any horror film. Antebellum exploits that true cruelty and uses it as a vehicle for more pain without any notion of commentary or nuance beyond the obvious. The film starts with a […]