Possessor Review: Where Is My Mind?

A high-concept tale of futuristic assassins and brain implantation might sound slick and flashy, though it need not be. Possessor is that very movie, but it is personal and emotional, and questions the boundaries of self, all while sitting in a nest of speculation. The film begins with an assassination. However, unlike your run of […]

Jump, Darling Review

In Jump, Darling, writer/director Phil Connell achieves something extraordinary: using familiar tropes, he fashions a touching film that is refreshingly unique.

Hosts Review: I’m Dreaming of a Weak Christmas

HostsHosts has done good ideas and a couple solid scenes, but ultimately it suffers the fate of a confusing mythology and a lack of focus. Written and directed by Adam Leader and Richard Oakes, Hosts is a Christmas horror. It starts with Jack (Neal Ward) running into friend Michael (Frank Jakeman) who also happens to […]

Scare Me Review: You Have Never Seen A Fireside Chat Like This

Putting a writer in a cabin in the woods is a more classic setup for a horror film than starting a joke with “Knock, knock.” But Scare Me is different. It is smart, scary, and not quite like anything we have seen before. The loose premise for the film is Fred ( played by writer/ […]

Death Of Me Review: Dude, Where Is My Passport?

Not all horror films are great, but plenty are good. Death Of Me is not ever going to enter the upper echelons of the genre, but it does present a fun enough way to spend 94 minutes. The story is a bit like a folk horror centered Dude, Where’s My Car?. Married couple Christine and […]