Venus and Serena Review

The year-in-the-life documentary Venus and Serena does a fine job of balancing the laudatory moments with the deeply flawed and sometimes overly confrontational behaviour of the Williams family as a whole.

Blu-Ray Round-Up: Early July 2013

This Blu-Ray round-up for early July takes a look at the new releases of the rebooting of Evil Dead, the award winning documentary The Gatekeepers, the bizarre Southern fried sleaze of The Paperboy, and a different take on the already much talked about Spring Breakers.

The Newsroom Episode 2.1 Recap

While The Newsroom's first season often mistook ripped from the headline fact for character and simplistic moralizing for profundity, having watched the first four episodes of season two we are happy to report that showrunner Aaron Sorkin seems to have fixed many of the problems that plagued the first season... and in a few cases replaced them with all new problems.

Fondi ’91 Review

Another of the year's worst, Fondi '91 is an incompetent and reprehensible coming of age story that can't decide if it wants to be a half assed romantic comedy or an icky, sleazy, and serious parable about date rape.

Pandora’s Promise Review

While good points are being raised about the benefits and misunderstanding of nuclear power, there still isn't enough balance to the documentary Pandora's Promise to make that convincing of an argument.

I Send You This Place Review

Artful, but deeply hollow, the art film autobiography I Send You This Place tries to understand mental illness, but cares about nothing more than its own pretty images.

Pacific Rim Review

Despite a cliche, overly melodramatic story and grating comedic relief characters, Pacific Rim is still a more than worthy summer blockbuster.

Grown Ups 2 Review

Grown Ups 2 sucks, but even by that bold statement it still manages to improve on its rock bottom predecessor.

Byzantium Review

The bar might not be set particularly very high, but Byzantium is easily one of the high points of the recent vampire pop culture onslaught. It might be a little too stately, dreary, and thoughtful to become a new genre classic, but at least the film proves there’s still room for invention in one of the oldest monster myths.

Syrup Review

Farce is hard, but thankfully despite a couple of flat jokes and a low budget, Syrup is a fast paced, engaging, and amusing send up of corporate advertising.