Blu-Ray Round Up: 7/1/13

This week, we look at Blu-Rays of horror classics Lifeforce and Phantasm II, one of Steven Spielberg's most underrated films, Empire of the Sun, the metal and cardboard documentary Skull World, and the bizarre worlds of Stoker and Spring Breakers.

This Week at The Bloor: 6/28/13

This week at the Bloor Hot Docs cinema we take at the hard to watch, but rewarding No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka, the informative but bone dry architectural documentary Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation, and briefly note some cool events and special guests for this coming week.

The Heat Review

The Heat is a decently entertaining, if entirely formulaic, genre comedy that had somewhat astoundingly never been made to this point in this decent of a fashion..

Unfinished Song Review

It's pat and cheesy crowd-pleasing stuff, but thanks to a spectacular cast anchored by one of Terence Stamp's best performances, Unfinished Song earns its tearjerker status.

Storm Surfers 3D Review

The 3D wonders of Storm Surfers are stunning, but there's a bit too much padding to really warrant a feature length documentary about open water boarders.

The Secret Disco Revolution Review

Intermittently insightful, thoughtful and humorous, but mostly slapdash and unfocused, The Secret Disco Revolution squanders a genuinely good thesis on a mishmash of talking heads a pointless, cutesy recreations that make disco look like a heist.

White House Down Review

White House Down is both vastly better than this year's other President-in-peril flick and about as goofy and endearingly silly as one would expect from director Roland Emmerich, delivering his best all around work since Independence Day. You know, that other movie that destroyed the White House.

How to Make Money Selling Drugs Review

Director Matthew Cooke’s documentary-slash-mock infomercial-slash-fake video game tip guide How to Make Money Selling Drugs is one of the most off beat, irreverent, and well researched takes on a serious political, economic, and social issue to come around in quite some time.