Riddick Franchise Still On?

Richard B. Riddick - Pitch Black

Back in 2000, David Twohy made a small film called Pitch Black.  It was not at the top of anyone’s radar but it slowly became a sleeper-hit.  The main following stemmed from the film’s protagonist character, Richard B. Riddick (played by Vin Diesel).  His anti-hero antics caught everyone’s attention due his sharp dialogue and mysterious past.  I totally dug the character because he was a stone cold convict with “eye-shine”,the ability to see in the dark.  The Riddick character walked a fine line between saving his own skin and protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves.

Universal made a sequel in 2004, The Chronicles of Riddick, which divided many critics.  Some people thought the film was just trying too hard to become the next big sci-fi franchise, but mostly people just didn’t like the overall substance of the Vin Diesel produced sequel.  Diesel has totally immersed himself in the Riddick character and storyline, he’s produced an animated prequel film and two video games in the process, but there was no news about another film until recently.

I know Will is totally rolling his eyes when he read this, but the actor posted some crazy news on his Facebook recently:

The Riddick discussion is about rating now…


Though Hollywood likes their PG Ratings, the next chapter in the COR series was always envisioned as an R rating, like Pitch Black…

One Studio exec suggested doing both “The Underverse” and “The Furyan”, (working titles) at the same time, allowing us an R rating for the first and a PG rating for the second.

The good news- David Twohy’s script comes in next month.”

Cool…   So take that with a grain of salt.  I know Facebook is not the most reliable of places to confirm such news but it is directly from Diesel.  Chronicles of Riddick was bad ass movie in my books, but I thought the movie tried too hard to expand on Riddick’s background (aka Furyan-crap), still I’m stoked for the sequel.  This is great news especially if they can get away with the R-rating, though it seems a little wacky that they want to follow it up with a PG-rated sequel.  I guess we’ll find out in a month when a script is announced and the reviews start leaking out.  It should confirm if Vinny-boy is speaking the truth or lobbying some attention for the rumors of another xXx sequel.  Also, bring back Judi Dench.  Still a fox…


Extra tidbit: Diesel is a huge Judy Dench fan.  While she was away doing another film, he made sure to fill her room with bouquets of flowers to entice her to join the sequel.  Bro wants to uphold that alpha-male status?

Via Facebook

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