RIFF 2014: Folk Review


Folk takes a well travelled formula for a music doc and looks a three very different sets of musicians as they continue to try and live the dream of playing folk music with hopes of making a living at it.

With the landscape of the music industry changing almost at an hourly rate, it’s hard for anyone to generate any genuine traction or momentum.  However, when the genre you love hasn’t been popular since the 1960’s, it’s even harder.  The film follows several acts as they all face a similar uphill climb to maintain their voice in a marketplace that may not want them anymore.


Director Sara Terry’s overly familiar film is infused with beautiful music that permeates the entire soul of the piece, and raises the film around it.  Her protagonists are strong, dealing with a variety of real world struggles that anyone trying to make a career in the arts can relate to.  It also takes into account something the sense of community among the musicians.

Folk captures the drive, spirit and unrelenting grind that doing something you love actually takes, especially when logic and commerce tell you that you should be doing something else. (Dave Voigt)


Friday, October 17th, 9:30pm, The Royal

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