Schwarzenegger Cameo in Terminator Salvation Confirmed

Arnold Schwarzenegger as he appeared in Terminator 2 Judgement Day

MTV Movies Blog has confirmed that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be appearing in the upcoming Terminator Salvation in some capacity.  Whether the Governator will appear in the flesh, or only lend his likeness and voice to the T-800 cyborg he has portrayed in the three previous Terminator films, the nature of his cameo appearance is still a mystery.  It just wouldn’t be a Terminator movie without ol’ Arnie.  Even if Terminator 3 left many disappointed, I for one am happy to see Schwarzenegger return.

Additionally, Ain’t It Cool News is reporting that Terminator Salvation will be rated PG-13 in the United States.  Their source? A Pizza Hut promotional tie-in site promoting the upcoming Terminator film—the PG-13 rating being prominently featured in the website’s fine print.

This is disappointing news for fans, since director Joseph McGinty Nichol; also known by his ridiculous moniker McG, had been fighting the studio for an R-rated cut.  The reason for the Restricted rating?  Horrific machine-on-human violence?  Explicit coarse language?  The apocalyptic end of the entire human race?!  No,  no, Terminator Salvation was to be rated R because of a pair of breasts.  Actress Moon Bloodgood‘s nude scene took the movie from a PG-13 to an R rating.  I love the hypocrisy of the MPAA.  Show a person being brutally gunned down: PG-13—Topless woman? RATED R!  BOOBS!?  RUN FOR THE HILLS! Hell, even Terminator 3 was rated R…  the Terminator movies are meant for adults.

Terminator Salvation Trailer @ Yahoo Movies


Terminator Salvation comes out May 21st 2009.