Shelf Help: Spooky Spookies

Whether you believe time has meaning or not, it is now October. The spookiest time of the year. But that beloved haunting feeling might need a little coaxing, even in ideal conditions. Fear not! We are here to help you get into the swing of the season. Today our Shelfers share: What helps you get […]

Shelf Help: Who’s Your Daddy?

Father’s Day can cause a lot of mixed feelings, because fathers, and family in general, can elicit a slew of mixed feelings. But for all of their complications, there are just as many versions of dads on screen. Today we asked our Shelfers: Which on-screen dad reminds you of your off-screen dad?   Jefferson Davis: […]

Shelf Help: Easter Egg Hunt

Easter observer or not, nearly everyone can get behind a cinematic Easter egg. Those little self-referential nods from the filmmaker to the audience that lets them know we are in on their little jokes. Though some films or shows go a little overboard with their egg hunt, a perfectly placed Easter egg is a beautiful […]

Shelf Help: Cry It Out

There is no denying that stress is running high these days. While there are plenty of movies and television shows to help you escape the madness and temporarily avoid the crummy state of the world, this week our Shelfers are leaning in to their emotions and letting it all go. What do you watch when […]

Shelf Help: Diesel Engine Edition

These are strange times indeed. Bloodshot was released theatrically less than two weeks ago (remember theaters?) and now we find it getting VOD release today. To celebrate the meager gifts we have been getting lately from the cinematic gods, this week our Shelfers are taking a long, hard look at Mr. Vin Diesel’s greatest on-screen […]

Shelf Help: Who is the best Doggo?

In nearly every industry, working people are losing their jobs to machines. Uber drivers are being replaced by automated cars. Travel agents have been eclipsed by online algorithms. And let’s not forget to pour one out for the telephone switchboard operators of years past. It seems the animal acting community is being hit with a […]

Shelf Help: What Makes You Believe In Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers. Whether you are in love or licking your own romantic wounds, attached or blissfully untethered, there is no denying that certain TV shows or movies can make you feel all the feels. This week, we reflected on those things that make you believe in love. Not necessarily the most romantic […]

Shelf Help: Fairy Tale Favorites

With this week’s release of Oz Perkin’s Gretel & Hansel, there seems to be something magical and mischievous in the air. This week our Shelfers take on this topic with their wings flapping and glitter glimmering. What is your fairy tale favorite film?   The Red Shoes If you ever have the chance to see The […]